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There have been many people happy with their Aurora inverter, perhaps you could be one too. : 1.0) FOREWARD This document contains a technical description of the AURORA photovoltaic inverter so as to provide the installer and user all the necessary information about installation, operation and use of AURORA. My quarterly electricity bill is only around $525 per Quarter, Do I really need a 6kw solar system? Chinese Made Aurora inverters. please see here. I hope the new unit will give many years of service as it will run out of warranty in July 2018! 18months later our Aurora inverter failed and I contacted him again and he organised a new inverter which arrived in less than 24hrs. We have the Aurora PVI-3600 (ID) which was installed 29/11/2011 and up until recently has been quite good. Not good. You can always check whether a simulation used an efficiency curve or a fixed efficiency value in the. What kind of genetic throwback would I have to be to pay good money for another Aurora lol! Once they fail, ABB will do absolutely nothing at all to help their customers. There now appears to be USA made Aurora inverters. I am installer and agree that the ABB inverter since being made in China does not have the same quality. They have worked hard over the years to make sure they can offer one of the best inverters on the market. Noticed a larger than normal power bill this week and checked and found a “clock fail” fault message. This winter we spent time replacing cheap solar panels under warranty that we installed in just 2016! Check your manual or look on line for manual. (Unanimously considered the best inverter you can buy). yes, they are making good use of the 5 year inverter warranty. Not good clearly. System failed a month ago (4 years almost to the day) with error message E031. Thanks for the heads up on the Aurora inverters! Aurora's simulation engine is based on the "Five Parameter Model"proposed by De Soto et al., and simulates the performance of a solar module using an equivalent circuit based on parameters solved for from datasheet values. we also have a 5kw aurora invertor with an E031 error,a year after we had all 20 solar panels replaced because they were also faulty lucky they were still covered under warranty not so lucky with the aurora inverter though. My Aurora PVI-3600 died at the end of August. +61 2 9738 2277 (outside Australia) Was told system has not been feeding the grid for a while. The exception to this rule is non-profit organisations. Now we recognise it as one of the best you can buy. By James Martin II on 8 March, 2012. To do this, click the star directly to the left of the inverter's name. He has quoted me $1990 to remove and install a Fronius. Consumers be careful that you arent duped into buying something that’s European made when it clearly comes from china now.. Other readings when fault occurred was Italian Trash, Aurora sorry I used So, rang Energy Matters (the retailer) straight away and they raised the case with ABB as it had 5 year warranty. It is in our opinion, that for a long time they have piggybacked off the obsession with consumers wanting European gear for their solar fit-out. Installed the Aurora PVI3.0 in June 2012. You are best to replace them with a JFY inverter, B & B Power Inverter, or if you must spend big money again, an SMA inverter. Try contcting ABB! Definitely an inverter for anyone to consider, residential or commercial! We tell our customers we will not sell them an Aurora Inverter – We  Just wont! We are planning our system right now and preparing our site for our ground mounted system. when we had our system installed you had to take what the supplier could get due to a then shortage. I think you’ll find that Aurora inverters on average fair no worse than any others. I have saved hundreds of dollars on my electricity bill and I never have never had a problem with the Aurora – recommend it to anyone. To use an inverter in a design, you must star it in your Database section. When you create a new inverter in your Database section, you must enter in all the data necessary for Aurora to use that inverter in a simulation. No lights on inverter panel at the bottom. we are Dissapointed with our Aurora 5kw inverter. REQUEST_DENIED: The provided API key is invalid. We hope this attitude has not proved to have dire consequences for the bloke opting for the Italian made Aurora. I think its best to steer clear of ABB inverters obviously. I reset the date and time and today the same message has appeared. That ticks every box for the “Best product to avoid at all costs” award if you ask me. So you’re copywriting for a sandwich shop and you’d like to blog about your clients’ large rival companies. – See more at:, after 3and a bit years…. Please contact ABB Australia. Biggest mistake of my life. Reset the time/date but same fault comes up when the minute clicks over. If it is 2nd hand I wouldn’t imagine you could. Many inverters in Aurora’s global component database have this data, and so for those we do simulate the full efficiency curve as a function of input power and voltage.

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