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When it debuted a few years back, it was the hottest “regular” sauce in Blair offered, not including reserves and specialty items, and the “king” of the Death Sauce lineup. Mad Dog 357 No.9 Plutonium 9 Million Scoville... Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Extract TEQUILA Edition 30ml, Ashleys 1 Million Scoville Pepper Extract, 148ml, Scovillas Scorpion Moruga Schoten, getrocknet, 20g, Scovillas Dragonfire Chilipulver XP im Shaker, 50g. Zutaten: Chili, Wasser, Limette, Karotte, Knoblauch, Tomate, Essig, Koriander, Jalapeno Chili, Paprika, Zucker, Zwiebel, Säuerungsmittel Ascorbinsäure, Verdickungsmittel Xanthan, Petersilie, Rauch     Nährwerte pro 100 ml/g: Kalorien 122; Fett 0; davon gesättigte Fettsäuren 0; Kohlenhydrate 23; Zucker 21; Eiweiß 2; Salz 2  Vor Gebrauch schütteln. Jersey is thick and rich, kind of like a Heinz’s Ketchup from Hell. 750 times a jalapeno’s heat? 3032. It is sweet and hot and has a killer flavor. Warning: This product contains the hottest known ingredients on the planet Earth. 5 - 8. Gebühren, wenn nicht anders beschrieben. Since Mega Death was tested to be an estimated 500,000 – 550,000 Scoville units, we can probably estimate that Jersey clocks in somewhere around the 750,000 – 800,000 range. Jersey Death should not be consumed without dilution. Blair's Ultra Death Sauce is respected. Produktinformationen "Blairs Original Death Sauce, 148ml" Scharf - aber hier noch ohne Extrakt-Zugabe, wie bei den meisten anderen Vertretern der Reihe. 5 out of 5. All of the Death Sauces come with the famous dangling Skull head key chain. HEAT RATING. This wing chain's original hot sauce — which you can buy by the bottle — clocks in at 3,000 SHU. I loved every second of it.:). But this one is my favorite. The label reads “this sauce contains ingredients 750 times hotter…” and not “this sauce is 750 times hotter…”, so it’s technically not a fabrication on Blair’s part if it is indeed around 750,000 SHU. ... Blair's Ultra Death Sauce. If you thought our Original Death Sauce was'll love this one! is 550,000 Scoville heat units of merciless intensity. Scoville Heat Units (SHU) : 35,000. Verantwortlicher Lebensmittelunternehmer ist die suryalogics GmbH. 314-266-8190. Home; SHOP ALL BRANDS; Blair's Death Hot Sauces; Blair's Death Hot Sauces. Red Habanero Pods, Cayenne Chiles, White Vinegar, Natural Pepper Flavor, Tomato Puree, Pirri-Pirri Chiles, Pumpkin Seed, Lime Juice, Salt, Spices. Scharf - aber hier noch ohne Extrakt-Zugabe, wie bei den meisten anderen Vertretern der Reihe. Any more than a drop or two would be too much. Schlichtweg eine hervorragende Habanero Sauce, die die Marke Blair zu recht bekannt gemacht hat. 4 out of 5. 5 out of 5. $13.99 *** AS ... My favorite all time sauce is the original Tabasco sauce. About Blair's original death sauce To help you have an idea, the Original Death is perfect for those who are rather new in the world of chilli sauces and do not dare try very hot sauces yet. Be warned: This sauce contains ingredients 800 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. Natürlich fehlt auch hier nicht der Totenkopf-Schlüsselanhänger! Use sparingly. According to the Ultra Death Sauce page on the Blair’s Sauces and Snacks website, Ultra is advertised as “800 times” hotter than a jalapeno, so it may be safe to assume that it is very similar to Jersey (if not identical and is simply a rebranding). Could this be correct? It’s got the state of New Jersey in the background, with a horned Blair “Death Skull” sitting in the mist of flames. 8 - 10. Blair's After Death Sauce. Mad Dog 357 Gold Edition 25th Anniversary Turbo... Mad Dog 357 Silver Ed., Bulletchain, 750.000... Blairs Q Heat Habanero Mango - Exotic Hot... Scovillas Habanero, Chilipulver im Shaker, 50g. Expectedly, the smell is very, very pungent, yet a mild whiff is not enough to send you into a coughing fit. Scott Roberts The sweet, throbbing pain soon turned into a hot numbness, and then subsided after approximately five minutes. I got myself a half of a bowl, and splashed in a healthy-sized drop of Jersey. I also compared Blair's Mega Death to my Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Edition (150k scoville) and my Mad Dog 357 Original (357k scoville). Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Second version of Blair's 1992's famous Beyond Death. Blair's Original Death Hot Sauce with Chipotle 150 ml 4.5 out of 5 stars 330. Anyone who survived could stay as long as they wanted, … Blair's Death Mini 4 Pack, 4x2oz This great variety 4 bottle set includes Blair's Original, After, Jalapeno, and Sudden Death Sauces in mini 2 oz. Blair’s Death Sauce Original with Chipotle is the sauce that started it all for Blair’s! Experience 'Death' and Feel Alive like never before. uses cookies with your site. Blair's Ultra Death Sauce (5oz./150ml); This is Blair's Hottest Sauce creation in the Blair's family line of sauces. Die Erste aus der berühmten Death Sauces Reihe von Blair Lazar. As far as heat goes I wud say slightly hotter than tabasco so it's not that hot but the flavor is amazing you can really taste the peppers it's made from and extra spices just enhance that. The 18th Annual Texas Hot Sauce Festival is Coming! Heat Scale. Tel: 0413 888 326 . Natürlich fehlt auch hier nicht der Totenkopf-Schlüsselanhänger! While it numbs the tongue you are able to detect habs, vinegar, and even a touch of tomato flavor. The skull is googly-eyed with a ringed planet and a star for peepers. HOT SAUCE products are locally available and priced in AUD$ Visit an Authorised Death Sauce Retail Outlet or Blonde Chilli Hot Sauce Shop to get your hands on your favourite chilli hot sauce. And it does not technically say the Jersey Death Sauce itself is that hot – it’s the super-blazing extracts used within the sauce (and mixed with milder components) that are. The 16 million in the name stands for 16 million Scoville Heat Units. Origin: United States Jersey Death has been replaced by Ultra Death in Blair’s “Death Sauce” lineup, and as far as I know, is no longer being manufactured. Use sparingly. Reviewed in Canada on November 10, 2017. Blair's Original Death Sauce. gesetzl. Born and Bred in the Garden State - Blair's Jersey Death Hot Sauce is making Jersey Feel Alive! / 150 ml): Feel Alive. £8.99. The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame 2016 Final Ballot Announcement, 5 Veggie Foil Packs Your Grill Can’t Live Without. Very cool label. Scovillas Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Red,... Scovillas Powerdrops, 1Mio Scoville Units, 3ml, Blairs 3AM Reserve, 74ml (In Plastic Case), Scovillas Red Savina Schoten, getrocknet, 20g, The Source, 7.1 Million Scoville Units, 30ml, Scovillas Pequin Chili Schoten, getrocknet, 30g, Scovillas Habanero Rot Schoten, getrocknet, 30g, Scovillas Dragonfire Extreme Hot Sauce, 3ml. Jersey has a “dark”, yet surprisingly complex taste. Mehrwertsteuer zzgl. Blair's Original Death Sauce contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Scovillas FRIENDLY FIRE BBQ Sauce with real... Blairs Salsa de la Muerte Chipotle, 148ml, Blairs Pure Death Hot Sauce with Jolokia, 148ml. This series originated in the early 1990s when Lazar was bartending on the Jersey Shore. If you’re the type of person who thinks mild condiments such as Tabasco are hot, than you have no business even trying Jersey Death. In fact you’ll often find us adding it to our own lunches and dinners. Zutaten: Chili, Wasser, Limette, Karotte, Knoblauch, Tomate, Essig, Koriander, Jalapeno Chili, Paprika, Zucker, Zwiebel, Säuerungsmittel Ascorbinsäure, Verdickungsmittel Xanthan, Petersilie, Rauch. : This sweet sauce that has been formulated by Blair, has a kick that will leave you coming back for more. Blair's Original Death Hot Sauce is the patriarch of Blair's entire Death Sauce line, born in 1989 when Blair was working at a bar. This certainly has a milder heat of all the Blair’s Sauces but what it lacks in heat, … Almost immediately I felt a small burn. Ive had a a few other blairs sauces, jalapeno death, original death, after death , and sudden death. Blair's Sweet Death Sauce with Mango, 5oz. You get the famous Blair’s original hot sauce in a 5oz (150ml) bottle. Blairs Original Death Sauce. A feature I love is the “dropper” spout that prevents too much from coming out with each pour. Blair’s Original Death is the one that started it all back in 1989. Versandkosten und ggf. An amazing all natural balance of heat and flavour. I’ve been using my bottle for over a year, but for the sake of this review I decided to try this straight on a tortilla chip. Schlichtweg eine hervorragende Habanero Sauce, die die Marke Blair zu recht bekannt gemacht hat. Blairs Sauces. He created the sauce for chicken wings called Wings of … It is not a sauce, but Pure Capsaicin crystals. Blair's Original Death Hot Sauce. Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage . DEATHSAUCE Australia PO Box 302, Ascot Vale, VIC. An explosion of colors and images. I would rank Blair's Mega Death somewhere in the middle of the two Mad Dog sauces. For my latest review, it’s time to bring out the big guns: Blair’s Jersey Death Sauce. Scovillas Carolina Reaper, Chilipulver im... Scovillas Powerdrops, 3Mio Scoville Units, 3ml, African Rhino Peri-Peri - Hot Sauce, 200ml, Scovillas Carolina Reaper Schoten, getrocknet, 20g. The sinister swirl of Habanero, Carolina Reaper, Cayenne, Serrano, Jolokia and Scorpion unleashes undeniable flavour filled with unfathomable fire. (You like Tabasco, for example, and look for more heat ). More items to explore. In terms of Scoville Heat Units, jalapenos can range from 2,500 to 8,000 SHU. Label: A hot sauce so insane, it's igniting the top of our heat meter. If you’re a chilehead, a droplet on a toothpick would be sufficient to get a first taste. Right now I have three open bottles: After Death: The spiciest sauce I currently own, at 50k scoville units. All of the Blairs Death Sauces come with the famous skull key chain attached to the neck of the bottle and are made with great karma! Blair's original hot sauce with Chipotle. If you were to buy any bottle of Blair’s Death sauces (Jersey included), you’ll get a nifty little skull key chain affixed to the bottleneck’s plastic seal. This pack is perfect for your kitchen, desk at work, and makes a perfect gift sure to be highly As with most extreme hot sauces, the dark extract “oil” will rise to the top of the bottle, so this stuff requires a good shaking before every consumption. As you can see in the photo, Jersey Death comes with a handy-dandy dropper at the end of the bottle. Nach dem Öffnen kühl lagern. I gave a chip a healthy-sized drop: I popped the chip in my mouth and started chewing. * Alle Preise inkl. E-mail us: It was delicious. It's a measure of capsaicin, the chemical in peppers responsible for their heat. Bewertungen werden nach Überprüfung freigeschaltet. Blair's Original Death Sauce - Hot Sauce (5 FL.OZ. Since Mega Death was tested to be an estimated 500,000 – 550,000 Scoville units, we can probably estimate that Jersey clocks in somewhere around the 750,000 – 800,000 range. How hot is it? Achtung, sehr scharf! Learn how your comment data is processed. In my opinion, this hints that you must be certifiably loony to eat this sauce.;-). Texture and Appearance: Scovillas Hot Gourmet SCORPION STING Trinidad... Scovillas Hot Gourmet WILD HABANERO Rough Red... Scovillas Hot Gourmet KING NAGA Superior Naga... Scovillas Hot Gourmet BARBADOS EXCITE Bajan... Scovillas Hot Gourmet SAVINA KISS Exquisite Red... Scovillas Hot Gourmet FIERY BANDITO Chipotle... Scovillas Hot Gourmet XXXTREME REAPER -... Scovillas Dragonfire Number One Hot Sauce, 148ml. 2.5 out of 5. Just make sure that you employ only a few drops in your cooking excursions, as Jersey Death should not be the “main event” flavoring. Blair’s Original Death Sauce contains absolutely no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Zutaten: Chili, Wasser,... Produktinformationen "Blairs Original Death Sauce, 148ml", Weiterführende Links zu "Blairs Original Death Sauce, 148ml". Be warned this sauce contains ingredients 750 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. With your consent, we will use them to measure and analyze the use of the website (analytical cookies), to adapt it to your interests (personalization cookies) and to present you with advertisements and relevant information (targeting cookies). Your email address will not be published. Sofort versandfertig, Lieferzeit ca. Overall: Pickering, Ontario Zakk Wylde’s New Blair’s Berserker Sauces, These are the Top 5 Best Spicy Snacks Available Today, Review – Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Chocolate Cherry Pepper Jelly, Your Summer Grilling & BBQ Guide Infographic. Bottom line is, Jersey Death would be one of the spiciest things you’ve ever consumed, and should not be toyed with. Or should that be 10 out of 5? Scoville Units: 30000; ... We’re huge fans of Blair’s Death Sauce Original with Chipotle at Pepe’s. 3.5 out of 5. Taste: 3 - 5. You absolutely have to have this one in your kitchen. While it's a relatively mild sauce for folks "chasing the great" the taste is hard to top. My suggestion is to let other sauces and spices take center stage, and delegate Jersey to a supporting role that will compliment other flavors and add a scorching blast of heat. This is crazy, wacky, zany hot. Comes with a skull key chain. Scharfe Chilisauce mit rund 35.000 Scoville. If you take the low-end number (2,500) and multiply it by 750, you come up with 1,875,000 SHU. Well, right on the bottle’s label, it reads this: “Be warned: this sauce contains ingredients 750 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. Zutaten der Sauce & Nährwerte. Hot Sauce Brand: Blair’s Sauces and Snacks – Home of the Death Sauces since 1989. I've really been impressed with the quality and flavor of everything I've tried from Blair's, and I'm glad that this series is as famous as it is. Your email address will not be published. Blair's Pure Death Naga (Ghost) Jolokia Hot Sauce, 5oz. You can still find Jersey death at many online retailers, or order the newer Ultra Death from the link above. Ultra Death is their hottest “regular” sauce, a tantalizing mix of habanero, cayenne, serrano, and jolokia peppers. Heat level is an approximation of the Scoville Unit Rating. Next up was chili that my wife had cooked that afternoon. Quick view ON BACK ORDER. Um Scovilla in vollem Umfang nutzen zu können, empfehlen wir Ihnen Javascript in Ihrem Browser zu aktiveren. From New Jersey. Featuring the famous Scoville Scale Chart for Hot Chile Peppers and Hot Sauces. Blair's original hot sauce with Chipotle. Feel Alive. Review – Cave Tools Chicken Wing & Leg Rack, Scoville Scale Chart for Hot Sauces and Hot Chile Peppers, The Firecast - Hot Sauce, Fiery Foods & BBQ Podcast, Scott Roberts - Upcoming Book Author, Writer, Columnist, and Blogger, Scoville Scale of Hot Sauces and Hot Chile Peppers. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The exceptional quality of Blair’s sauces is acknowledged by chilliheads the world over. Bewertungen lesen, schreiben und diskutieren... Kundenbewertungen für "Blairs Original Death Sauce, 148ml". It’s got a deep crimson hue with hints of spice specks and seeds combined in the liquid. Heating up over 31 countries, printed in six languages, and Guinness World Record certified with the hottest product created, Blair's passion for peppers is ever present. Molasses hits your taste buds before your tongue is scorched with an intense mix of cayenne, chipotle and habanero peppers. Blair's Original Death Sauce With Chipotle - mit 35.000 Scoville die beliebteste Hotsauce von Blair's. It is definitely milder than Mad Dog 357 original. I’ve been using this sauce for more years than I care to remember and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed it on every type of food you can imagine. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Scoville (SHU) Shop By HEAT Level. Die mit einem * markierten Felder sind Pflichtfelder. Most likely not. Over a period of 30 or seconds, the heat gradually grew and grew until it reached astronomical proportions. Verantwortlicher Lebensmittelunternehmer ist die suryalogics GmbH. Aroma: I first bought After Death a few weeks ago, and I've been gradually trying to get them all. A little goes a long way here which is probably why they refer to it as “liquid rage.” This sauce has an angry side which is fun to experiment with, as long as you’re prepared for the show. When I noticed Tabasco made a scorpion sauce I couldn't resist. Diese Website verwendet Cookies, um Ihnen die bestmögliche Funktionalität bieten zu können. bottles served up in a very cool custom graphic 4 pack. this is Blair’s first sauce from 1998. ON BACK ORDER. So it is not surprising that the Scoville scale is led by Blair’s 16 million reserve. Refine by ... Blair's Original Death Sauce with Chipotle, 5oz. While it is somewhat pleasant, the aroma is not exactly what I would call “appetizing”. Ingredients: This sauce is delicious! This is a very pleasing additive that should go well with a variety of foods. 1-3 Werktage. $9.50 $8.95. Here are a few suggested uses: wings, glazed fish, pizza, dipping sauce, cheese burgers or anything you can sink your teeth into. 1 - 3. Feel Alive with Blair's Ultra … It is what fuels the fiery phenomena that is Death Sauce. Next. Watch the NYC Hot Sauce Expo this Weekend LIVE on YouTube! Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce is a must-buy for any hot sauce collectors for the packaging and the extreme heat (with flavor) it delivers. Blair's Original Death Sauce With Chipotle and with Skull Key Chain - This is the one that started it all back in 1989. The largest Scoville Scale chart on the web - lists hot peppers and hot sauces by their Scoville Heat Units (SHU). Blair's Reserve Collection includes a selection of award-winning, limited-edition, hand-crafted, signed and numbered bottles. Jersey Death should not be consumed without dilution.”. Extreme sauces I’ve sampled from other manufacturers weren’t able to get around the strong, bitter, “chemical”-like taste, and luckily Blair has avoided this for the most part. Taking the Challenge Louisiana Hot Sauce claims only 450 Scoville Heat Units. Check out the heat chart on the side of the box, still not for wimps. The drop I added in complemented the food well with it’s own unique taste, yet didn’t overpower the chili’s original flavor. Reviews on Amazon cast doubt in my mind that the sauce is truly that hot. Heat: Spice It Up St. Louis at White Castle with Scott Roberts to Benefit Wounded Warriors! Unfortunately, that sauce and many others from Blair’s “Reserve” series are highly limited (under 1000 bottles ever made), and of course 100% extract too (16 Million is made with pure Capsaicin crystal). Mega Death, the runner-up in Blair’s spicy sauce line, features the same warning on the bottle, only it states “500 times hotter than a jalapeno” opposed to Jersey’s 750. You have to have this one in your kitchen. I placed it on my spoon and gave it a good stir.

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